Friday, June 26, 2015

Mermaid Tail Tutorial

Mermaid Tail


We had so much fun at the Under the Sea Party!!
I cannot wait to share every detail, but in the mean time, here is the tutorial for the Mermaid Tails the girls wore.
What a Hit they Were!!

Sewing machine or Fabric Glue (if you do not have access to a machine)
1/4 Yard of Solid Broadcloth (I used purple)
1/2 - 3/4 Yard of Glittery, Scaley, Sequency Fabric
(I made up a few words there...)
1/4 Yard Tulle (I used a shade of turquoise)

Steps to Making Mermaid Tails

  1. Fold main fabric lengthwise, cut edge to cut edge, right sides together. You will have the Selvages together on top and bottom.
  2. Place pattern (I just free-handed the pattern) with the folded edge on the fabric fold.
  3. Pin and Cut around pattern. Set aside.

4.  Cut the solid fabric, lengthwise, 5 1/2" x 44" Long.  This will be the sash/tie.
5.  Fold in half lengthwise and press.
6.  Open and press each side to the middle crease. This is similar to bias tape. 
7.  Press closed really well.
8.  Now get your tail fabric in place inside the casing you just made. Center the tail fabric and pin.

  9.  Stitch end to end.
10. Turn in the ends and stitch closed to make the ends finished.
11. Grab your tulle and fold lengthwise and then fold lengthwise again.
12. Bunch up and place on the tail where you would like it to be stitched.

13. Hold the tulle, or pin but I was too lazy to pin, and place under your presser foot.

14. Stitch forward and back a few times to lock into place.
15. Now you are complete and you have a fabulous Mermaid Tail your Sweetie will LOVE to run        around in!!


Feel Free to ask me any questions!!

Such Fun!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

2014 Brewtiful Blessings Swap

Brewtiful Blessings Swap
Holiday Themed Mug & Coffee/Tea/Hot Cocoa 

Bring on the Happy Mail!!!

Here's the Skinny....
Give A Mug & Receive a Mug
When you sign up you promise you will send a 
Happy Mail Package to Your Partner!
In turn, YOU will receive a Happy Mail Package too!

Sign UP:  The only way to sign up for the Brewtiful Blessings Swap is to fill out the form via the link below. You will receive confirmation on your screen that you're part of the Swap! Sign ups will close by 5pm October 30th. (Only US and Canada Please)

Howdy Partner!:  You will receive your assigned partner by the end of the day November 7th. Your Swap Buddy will NOT have you, which is the fun part! Everyone has someone different, no equal matches.

Shopping Time: Have fun and be creative!  It does NOT need to cost a lot of money ($20 max) because it's the thought that counts! Include a Mug and then whatever little lovelies you'd like to include. Think Winter, Holiday and Giving Thanks theme. Make sure to package your items so they arrive safely to your Swapper.
Your Happy Mail NEEDS to arrive by November 22nd. Pinky-Promise!!

Post & Thank: This is the FUN part. Receive & Document your Happy Mail! Use Social Media to document your Brewtiful Blessings Swap via Instagram, Blog, Facebook or Twitter using the #BrewtifulBlessingsSwap so other Swappers can find you and your Buddy can see the package arrived safely! Would love for you to tag me too in the photo!

That's IT!
Sinchy Pants!
Sign-up * Shop * Send
Want to Join the Fun?
Here's the Link:

Disclosure:This is my first, organized Swap and I am praying it goes off without hitch, but that's me looking through rose-colored glasses! So, be patient and I will work hard to make this be a Fabulous Event!

Of course there will be!! At the close of the Swap I will have a great package to send to one Lucky winner!
Details will be streaming in so make sure you follow me on 
Facebook and Instgram 
to be up on all the details!

Let's Do This!!
Such Fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Creative Soiree - October Event

Sweet Birdie Blessings
The Creative Soiree
A Fundraising Event for Baby Loss Comfort Packages
October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful event this turned out to be!!!
The Creative Soiree was truly my "God-Sized Dream" in action.
(More about that in a moment)

I was super nervous in prepping and planning for this event as I
 was just building upon my Dream and hoped it would look and work as 
well as it did in my head, if you know what I mean.

So, after months of planning and crafting....
IT happened!

The Ladies arrived and it was the perfect mix of personalities! 
The Lord couldn't have put a better group together!

We started with Bagels, Homemade Scones, Coffee and of course Tea.
Food is always a great Ice-Breaker!
So once everyone sat I explained the Crafts and different stations and
 sent them on their way to Craft ALL Day!

Enjoy the photos....there a many!

Lunch was served around 1:30 and it was a great time to
For everyone to refuel their Creative Juices!
For Lunch we Had:
Cucumber Sandwiches
Chicken Salad (HomeMade) & Croissants
Egg Salad (HomeMade)
Chex Mix (No Party is Complete without IT!)
Lemon Pound Cake (HomeMade)
Peach Tea and Water
I did not have any food to take home!
Creativity Makes Us HUNGRY!!


Such Fun to see everyone's Dominoes!
They even included their animals!  LOVE IT!!!

The Book Page Wreaths were a Blast!
Again, everyone's creativity was so fun to see!

The piles of book pages was funny!!

Showing off some of their creations and a little arm SWAG!

All in All It was a Complete Success!!
Everyone completed all projects!
The Food was a Success!
The SWAG and Giveaways were Excellent!

I kept hearing over and over how "relaxing" and "therapeutic"the day was for them. 
 No worries, no kiddos, no cleanup, no supply shopping! 
Now, will I do it again???
Stay Tuned....

I will have a post with all Sponsors and Products Used
in the next 2 days!
It will also include a Giveaway!
Turns out I have 1 extra SWAG Bag to give away!
Even More Fun!!

Many Blessings and I look forward to the next event:
The Creative Soiree

Such Fun,

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Creative Soiree

The Creative Soiree
A Fundraiser to Benefit
Sweet Birdie Blessings

Here is the OFFICIAL Invitation!
I can't believe I am finally putting this together and I'm so excited to celebrate with each and everyone of you!

Now that you have all the Details......

First, we will turn cones of book pages like this...

This Fabulous
A Book Page Wreath

You will put Hammer to Metal and Create....

Beautiful Stamped
Cuff Bracelets

Alright, Next...
We will put Paint to Ball Jars and 
Create a Set of 3
Uniquely Painted Jars

Just for Fun,
We Will Make Personalized, Hanging Dominoes
Each will Represent the Number in Your Family

They will be Painted and Sanded 
All By You!!

(Domino Photo From Barn Owl Primitives Her stuff is Gorgeous)

So, there they are....All the Crafts!!
I hope you LOVE them as much as I do!!

So.....How do you sign up?
Click on the Link and Purchase Tickets

You will also see a link to the right via
Brown Paper Tickets

Whose Ready to Party???

Such Fun!!