Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sew & Sew Pinterest Style

Sharing A Little Sew & Sew

OK, so I have has these fabrics in hopes of making E something for the 4th of July...
Well, here is sat for 2 months!!
I FINALLY  got around to making her a Twirl Sundress!  


Well, it looks a little plain and I know just what it needs...

First it needed Little E and then it needed a Chunky, Red Letter "E"!!!

Perfect and it will even look good as a top when she is a little older!!

Pinterest Project...

So I have been seeing this project all over Pinterest for the Maxi Dress Tutorial
Looked SUPER I picked up this fabric...

I love turquoise!!  It's so YUMMY!!!

So I followed all instructions and came out with this...(which I do not like)

I had to shorten because a 5'1" girl with curves looks ridiculous in something that is so long!
It left so much fabric around the waist that it didn't seem to fit right.

**I did make the belt and I love it!!  I will for sure put it to good use!**

OK, so I pondered over the dress a little and decided to make some changes to see if I could save it...
I took out a tank and used it as a guide to slim the fabric down and then remove the funky looking sleeves.  I also curved the neck line so it wasn't a big "V".

Here is the result:

I will actually wear this now.

All in all, I salvaged a Pinterest Fail into a Pinterest Perfect (for me anyway).
It will even make a cute through on to go to the beach or the pool!!

So, Wednesday was a Sew-Sew day as well as I fed my OCD for the day!!

Such Fun!!


  1. Love the dress, but especially the belt!! Great job, Lynn!

  2. Thanks Lori! The belt is my fav too! I was really disappointed in the dress, but I think it will work for a casual summer day. U are too sweet!!