Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pinteresting Touches

Pinteresting Touches for 

I don't know how I have lived without Pinterest!
Kinda like I don't know how I lived,or went to school, without Google!

Anyway, I just added some Christmas Printables around the house to add a little extra. It was fun, easy and added a little more Christmas to my home. The above is one wall of my foyer.

I must make a disclosure here...We LIVE in our home, which is why we call it a HOME! It's not a show house by any means (I laugh out loud!) but it's a perpetual project which is why I have an ECLECTIC HEART. I love all things old, odd, unique and sentimental. So be warned if you happen to see something quirky, Yes, I know it's there and I DO like it!

I love glass jars, especially this Apothecary Jar filled with purple glitter ornaments and silver beads

The print is from here and it's FREE!
The sheep lamp my husband made for me and the Rabbit is from a Decorator Show Home Sale ($2).

This is a wall I usually have bird prints but I replaced them with these Subway wall art of Christmas Songs found here.
The Cross my husband made from repurposed wood! Love it!!

Our tree sits in front of the pictures and I think it adds to it.
Disclosure again...I am not a photographer but will work on it!

Just a little vinette on my buffet.
Got the print from Pinterest as well.

These are shelves my husband made from pallets for me.
He IS so handy!! I also have a cross he made from reclaimed wood  sitting behind another print from here.
You can also see our Elves, Murray Christmas and Glitter.

I guess I may have gone a little crazy with the free printables but I enjoy them around. The phrases make me smile and keep the focus on this special season!

Thanks for checking me out and I love comments and suggestions!

Such Fun!!


  1. perfect! You put so much work into it! I love every nook and cranny!

  2. Thank you. I did go a little crazy!!

  3. Just love all of the Christmas decorations that I am seeing on blogs. Inspiration!

  4. I love all your touches! Perfect & Beautiful!

    1. You're so sweet. Thanks for stopping by!!