Monday, September 16, 2013

Sip 'N Sew Project 1 Reversible Hobo Bag

Sip 'N Sew
Project Number 1: Chevron Hobo Bag

As you will learn, I have OCD...
You can see my Blog about my Disorder.

 Well, all addicts need enablers so I decided I wanted to pull friends into my 
Happy World Of Craftiness!

And let's face it, Women need little persuasion to enjoy a night out of great food, excellent friends and prizes too.
In speaking with my friend Julie about my idea, she said,
"Let's Do It!"...I now have my enabler!

First, the project: (Thank you Pinterest)

I came across the tutorial here...You Can Do That Dot Me

Easy enough for beginners as well as challenging enough for a seasoned sewer.  We did not make it reversible for this project, but everyone left with a pattern to do so.

Here is a copy of our first invitation to see how we were presenting the idea to everyone:
After our posting on Facebook we got an excellent turnout of 
26 Girls!

Then we needed to shop for fabric!
We made kits that included:
A copy of the Pattern
The outside Fabric
The inside Fabric

So we sat one evening and cut the fabric and built the kits over a bowl of popcorn and sleeping children.

So pretty. We had chosen 2 fabrics and when we started putting everything together we did not keep track of what was what so it was a total surprise what each guest picked. There was even some swapping! Such Fun!

Added a little stamp and some ribbon and they are ready for the choosing!

Next, we decided we must have name is how they started and ended. Cut Burlap Circles, Fabric Circles and then a Monogrammed Center.
So grateful Julie has the Mack-Daddy embroidery added that special touch!

The above pictures shows the name tags as well as one of our prizes of a Fabric Flower and Flower Earrings from 
Heather Cloudt @ Nina Bina.

As you browse through the following pictures you will see girls working, learning, bonding, being crafty, eating, laughing, and making memories.

We had way too much food, but it was all so yummy. 
The Prize table overflowed!
The Wood Sign is Compliments of:
Shannon McEntyre with Willow Creek Company
I just Love this and her Burlap Artwork is EXCELLENT!

The Tiny Box Contained Druzy Earrings that were DIVINE:
Thank you to my hip cousin 
Tamara Bratton with Lively Happenings 

Monogramming Gift Certificate from Julie Hunt (Enabler!)

The Fabric Bead Necklace and Earrings Compliments of
My Emmy's Closet by Lynn Oates (Me)

The Drawing for these items were very Exciting!

Me and Julie are in the top left corner of this picture. Can you tell we were super nervous and sweating to death? Good!! 
We pulled it off!

It was such a fun night and we are scheduled for our next one this week so I will post pictures!
Here is Project Number 2:
Infinity Scarf with Fabric Flower
Let the Craftiness Begin!

I love feedback and I am happy to answer any Questions!

Such Fun!!

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