Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Back!!!

So I am not so good at maintaining this Blog, but I plan on doing a better job!  I have been super busy with my sewing and have missed sharing what I am up to.  

We as a family have been making a number of changes in our home which has required my attention.
We are going to join the homeschooling ranks with our son next year. I am completely TERRIFIED and hope I don't mess him up.  He is going into the 5th grade and we are so disturbed my public school that we are going to bring him home so he can feel successful.  He is super smart but struggles with Dyslexia.  I hate it for him and wish school was more enjoyable but there are too many politics instead of teaching. 

I'm stepping off my soap box...

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Will have some projects posted soon!

Such Fun!!