Monday, September 16, 2013

Sip 'N Sew Project 1 Reversible Hobo Bag

Sip 'N Sew
Project Number 1: Chevron Hobo Bag

As you will learn, I have OCD...
You can see my Blog about my Disorder.

 Well, all addicts need enablers so I decided I wanted to pull friends into my 
Happy World Of Craftiness!

And let's face it, Women need little persuasion to enjoy a night out of great food, excellent friends and prizes too.
In speaking with my friend Julie about my idea, she said,
"Let's Do It!"...I now have my enabler!

First, the project: (Thank you Pinterest)

I came across the tutorial here...You Can Do That Dot Me

Easy enough for beginners as well as challenging enough for a seasoned sewer.  We did not make it reversible for this project, but everyone left with a pattern to do so.

Here is a copy of our first invitation to see how we were presenting the idea to everyone:
After our posting on Facebook we got an excellent turnout of 
26 Girls!

Then we needed to shop for fabric!
We made kits that included:
A copy of the Pattern
The outside Fabric
The inside Fabric

So we sat one evening and cut the fabric and built the kits over a bowl of popcorn and sleeping children.

So pretty. We had chosen 2 fabrics and when we started putting everything together we did not keep track of what was what so it was a total surprise what each guest picked. There was even some swapping! Such Fun!

Added a little stamp and some ribbon and they are ready for the choosing!

Next, we decided we must have name is how they started and ended. Cut Burlap Circles, Fabric Circles and then a Monogrammed Center.
So grateful Julie has the Mack-Daddy embroidery added that special touch!

The above pictures shows the name tags as well as one of our prizes of a Fabric Flower and Flower Earrings from 
Heather Cloudt @ Nina Bina.

As you browse through the following pictures you will see girls working, learning, bonding, being crafty, eating, laughing, and making memories.

We had way too much food, but it was all so yummy. 
The Prize table overflowed!
The Wood Sign is Compliments of:
Shannon McEntyre with Willow Creek Company
I just Love this and her Burlap Artwork is EXCELLENT!

The Tiny Box Contained Druzy Earrings that were DIVINE:
Thank you to my hip cousin 
Tamara Bratton with Lively Happenings 

Monogramming Gift Certificate from Julie Hunt (Enabler!)

The Fabric Bead Necklace and Earrings Compliments of
My Emmy's Closet by Lynn Oates (Me)

The Drawing for these items were very Exciting!

Me and Julie are in the top left corner of this picture. Can you tell we were super nervous and sweating to death? Good!! 
We pulled it off!

It was such a fun night and we are scheduled for our next one this week so I will post pictures!
Here is Project Number 2:
Infinity Scarf with Fabric Flower
Let the Craftiness Begin!

I love feedback and I am happy to answer any Questions!

Such Fun!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

The ABC's in Fabric Tutorial

The ABC's in Fabric Tutorial

Let me first say, "A-Dor-A-Ble"!
I was in search of a unique gift for a 1 year old little girl and I came across this excellent idea thanks to Pinterest.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Pinterest?
 Oh,....I Have?

Back to the Project:

I found the templates here, but you can use any large font as a template.

I printed out the letters according to her blog instructions.
Then I went through my fabric scraps and chose one for each letter.  I tried to coordinate the letters so if you laid them side by side you wouldn't have any colors clashing. 

You know, because 1 year olds pay attention to details!

I restacked everything in order as pictured above and got out my batting.  NOTE: You can probably use felt, fleece or even terry cloth. It just adds a thickness so whatever you have on hand.

I laid the fabric on the batting and cut around my fabric square.

Now you have nice, cushy squares!

For the backing, I used another cotton fabric, but you can use whatever you would prefer. I think a chenille would be cute or even a Minky...

I just laid the fabric and batting on top of the backing and cut squares again....sick of cutting squares yet??
GOOD! Because you're done!

Now, cut out all the letters so you can pin them onto the 3 layers of fabric.  Make sure if using a directional fabric it's facing the correct way....being a little transparent in the above statement.

After all letters are pinned you are ready to sew.
This is where I deviated from the Blog post I was following...
It would take too much time to use chalk to trace all letters onto the fabric and then sew...I'm a little impatient (again transparent).

I just sewed around the letters! Ingenious right?! 
It was sew much faster!

After you complete all the sewing you will need to cut out the letters. Leave enough room around the edges so there will be fraying and ragging!

This is what they look like with clean edges (Above).

Now, throw them all in the wash....alone. If you add it to other clothing they will be COVERED in threads and lint...

Clean up the loose threads and you are FINISHED!
The letters measure about 5 inches high and are perfect for little hands!

I decided they needed their own bag so....

I just grabbed some fabric and sewed up the sides.  Folded over the top to make a tube and ran some ribbon through.

Now, it's a complete package!

Ask me any questions and I love suggestions too!

This made a great, unique birthday gift that sweet Girl will have for years of fun!

Such Fun!!

As seen on:

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweet Baby Shower

It's A Baby Shower!!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear from my Cousin and his wife they were expecting! I can completely relate to their journey to have a baby and the reward is so sweet!

Meet Robert,Tiffany
Baby Grace
YES!! They are always this beautiful! Inside and Out...
 (and I'm not just saying that because we are blood!)
Rustic White Photography is their business and since they see "pretty" all the time I was a little intimidated by the challenge I placed before me....check out their website and you will see what I mean.

First, after a frantic call to my Crafty Momma we got a game plan and began with the invitations...


I Love Invitations! It's always fun to come up with fun ways to invite people to your special event. This was the perfect color scheme to coordinate with Tiffany's colors for Baby Grace.


Framed with Beautiful Roses adds a Feminine Touch.
Pinterest has many suggestions to get your flowers to open like the photo.
So simple and it adds a Shabby Chic touch.

Now, how to decorate....
With the world of Pinterest at our hands the options are endless!

Here are just some snapshots of what we decided on...

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this cloud!
Super simple tissue flowers and card stock rain drops!

Using all my Grandmother's Candlewick Plates 
was a special touch.

Sweet Onesie Cookies with Grace's Monogram!
Thank you Gabriel's Bakery in Marietta, Georgia...FABULOUS & DELICIOUS!

The Food List is as Follows:

Sourdough Bread Bowl with Spinach Dip and Veggies
Cucumber Sandwiches
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Sweet Potato Chips 
Fresh Fruit and Fruit Dip
Mini Veggie Egg Rolls
Trail Mix and Jordan Almonds (little cups)
Mint Pastels
Homemade Cupcakes
Custom Cookies

Water with Lemon
Raspberry Lemonade with 7Up and Lime Slices
Tea (This is the South)
(Once the men arrived we had no food left...that equals a success!)


I just couldn't stop crafting for this event. At around 1am the night before I decided to add the bunting to the fireplace. 
To be honest, I just needed an excuse to make one of these!

My mom decided to hang Mason Jars with green ornaments in the tree with beautiful pink, silk ribbon. I am a terrible photographer, but they were sweet hanging in the tree! Way to go Mom!

Tiffany and Kate, a Sweet Girl in Robert and Tiffany's life!

Now, we wait to meet the precious gift they are about to be blessed with!

Baby Grace, you are loved beyond comprehension and we haven't even met you yet! You are destined to do big things little one!

I love any feedback or questions you may have!

Such Fun!!