Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wise Words Wednesday!

Pep Talk Needed??

Sometimes in business we all need a little redirection, motivation, reassurance, encouragement, validation, inspiration....
Today I shall call it a good 'ole 
Pep Talk!

Compliments of an article in Marie Claire Magazine, they interviewed Thia Breen, Estee Lauder's President of North America.  She oversees $3.6 billion in sales, 6,500 employees, and 28 brands, including Clinique and MAC.  You can bet when she talks, people listen.

As I was reading I was scrambling in my purse for a piece of paper and something to write with; in this case it was a crayon  (thank you Chick Fil A) and a torn shopping list; because I almost wanted to frame her advice.

thia breen

This is 
Thia Breen's Top 5 Get Ahead Rules

1. Never Judge the Customer. EVERYONE is a potential sale.

2. Be FEARLESS about setting goals.

3. ASK for what you want or need. MEN DO IT ALL THE TIME!
"I think women are hardwired not to ask. They assume their actions are going to be noticed eventually or that it will be understood when they are ready for the next role."

4. Assume you WON'T have a mentor along the way.
"There were people who gave me breaks, but nobody really took me under their wing....Consider yourself lucky if you have a mentor to thrive under that tutelage."

5. Do not underestimate the Power of Punctuality.
"I don't want to waste my time, and I don't want to waste my colleagues' time.....People appreciate that."

I cannot speak you, but I loved this! At this moment I have been trying to get a grasp on the direction of "My Emmy's Closet" and what I want that to look like for me and my family. This is a perfect punch list of completely doable objectives. 

 I personally have been waiting for someone to appear out of no where and say "This is what you should do, it worked for me." or "Stop making that and try this...". Maybe I am looking for the "Burning Bush" to make everything obvious which it totally unrealistic. Aaannnnnddddd, I ALWAYS try to judge the customer! (I think that is my biggest take away from the article). I decide what they will like before I even test it out, I guess that comes from a lack of confidence in my product and ability....something else to work on! So...

Consider yourself Motivated!

I hope this article inspired you today in whatever area you needed a Pep Talk!


Such Fun,