Friday, January 24, 2014

Saying Good-Bye

A Final Farewell to a Long Love Affair...

Today is the day. 
I have Decided. 
I am Committed.

I have had a long love affair with something that has done nothing positive for me.

I seek it out.  Plan my errands accordingly. 

I drag my kids along and I do not want them to create the same terrible habits I have.

I have known for years that it's reeking havoc on my insides.
 (I have literally seen it eat the corrosion off a car battery) Changing my appearance. 
Now can be linked to cancer.

Soooooooo.......Why Have I Let This Go On For So Long???

Yup, I'm and ADDICT!

To Coca-Cola that is.....

You'd think it was something way worse, but I'm not sure there is a much harder addiction to kick than one to soda.

Can I get an A-MEN?!
I'm shouting out to all you Diet Coke peeps!
 And you Die Hard Diet Dr. Pepper addicts!

We all know the joy the first sip brings us. 
ESPECIALLY from a soda fountain! 
Yummy!!!  Burp!

So, today I say "Good-Bye" to my only vice I have left.  You have been awful to me and I can no longer stand for it!  My health is more important than your super fizzy, yummy taste...

I expect all to hold me accountable! 
Don't let me fall off this wagon as I know it will be extremely hard to jump back on.

I am a little scared....nervous....even sad a bit.
It is done!

Yummy, Ice Cold, Fizzy, D-Lish

You will never be consumed by me again.....

Such Fun,(being positive)
Disclosure:  I am in no way making fun of addiction.  I take it very seriously.  But in my case, this IS my addiction and THAT I take very seriously.

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  1. I quit diet coke for good in October after a very long love affair with it! it was hard but so worth it and I haven't touched a drop since!