Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's in the Bag?

Baby Loss Comfort Packages
Items Included In Each Bag

The above photo shows the items included in each package 
at a glance.
Here is a detailed list and reason for them to be included...

Kleenex Brand Travel Tissues 
To catch the many tears that will fall...
(I know it may sound particular to reference a brand of tissue , but generic just don't hold up.
The last thing you want to have happen is tissue failure.)

Journals & Pens
These are excellent to have on hand for writing down 
information given at the Doctor's office as well as 
Journal the Journey.

Lidded Jar Candle
Lighting a candle in honor and remembrance of 
their Sweet Angel. If a hospital stay is required it can be lit to 
fill the room with a warm scent.

Flower Pin
I will be providing a handmade (by me) pin. They will each be unique as each situation is very unique.
And, let's face can't be sad when you are wearing
a bright colored flower on your shirt!
I hope they will put a little smile on the their face as they wear it.

Necklace With Verse
Wearing little Billboards around our necks can be a tangible reminder that our baby mattered. It is also a conversation starter that allows Grieving Moms to share about their sweet Angel. A beautiful way to tell their story.

Love Letters
I am so honored that I have been contacted by others who have traveled this heartbreaking journey and want to share encouragement from their grief to healing. 
Each package will include a letter, handwritten, from women who have been there and can inspire healing.

A brochure containing links to support groups in the area.
It will also have information on Sweet Birdie Blessings that can help women connect with each other for support.
I anticipate this list will change some as the program gets established due to connecting with successful support.

All these items will be included in a brown handled paper bag with turquoise and pink tissue paper and tied with white satin ribbon.  The bags will be stamped with a bird's nest.
A set of packed bags will be placed in a clear container and will be distributed to Doctor's offices, surgical center, hospitals or churches.
If there is somewhere you think the bags should be provided, please contact me as I am open to connections!

I am NOT prepared to take money at this time.
I would love if you would shop from the Etsy store I set up as all profits go towards purchasing these items.
If you wish to donate items, I am open to taking them!
Anything helps! 
Just spreading the word is important!

(Visit Rise Above Life on Etsy for the above personalized print.
She also has a wonderful and encouraging Blog

I know this is lengthy and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read about my little mission.
To stay updated, like my page on Facebook:

Many Blessings to each of you!
I humbly thank you for your encouragement!
God is Good!

Such Fun!!

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