Friday, January 24, 2014

Saying Good-Bye

A Final Farewell to a Long Love Affair...

Today is the day. 
I have Decided. 
I am Committed.

I have had a long love affair with something that has done nothing positive for me.

I seek it out.  Plan my errands accordingly. 

I drag my kids along and I do not want them to create the same terrible habits I have.

I have known for years that it's reeking havoc on my insides.
 (I have literally seen it eat the corrosion off a car battery) Changing my appearance. 
Now can be linked to cancer.

Soooooooo.......Why Have I Let This Go On For So Long???

Yup, I'm and ADDICT!

To Coca-Cola that is.....

You'd think it was something way worse, but I'm not sure there is a much harder addiction to kick than one to soda.

Can I get an A-MEN?!
I'm shouting out to all you Diet Coke peeps!
 And you Die Hard Diet Dr. Pepper addicts!

We all know the joy the first sip brings us. 
ESPECIALLY from a soda fountain! 
Yummy!!!  Burp!

So, today I say "Good-Bye" to my only vice I have left.  You have been awful to me and I can no longer stand for it!  My health is more important than your super fizzy, yummy taste...

I expect all to hold me accountable! 
Don't let me fall off this wagon as I know it will be extremely hard to jump back on.

I am a little scared....nervous....even sad a bit.
It is done!

Yummy, Ice Cold, Fizzy, D-Lish

You will never be consumed by me again.....

Such Fun,(being positive)
Disclosure:  I am in no way making fun of addiction.  I take it very seriously.  But in my case, this IS my addiction and THAT I take very seriously.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's in the Bag?

Baby Loss Comfort Packages
Items Included In Each Bag

The above photo shows the items included in each package 
at a glance.
Here is a detailed list and reason for them to be included...

Kleenex Brand Travel Tissues 
To catch the many tears that will fall...
(I know it may sound particular to reference a brand of tissue , but generic just don't hold up.
The last thing you want to have happen is tissue failure.)

Journals & Pens
These are excellent to have on hand for writing down 
information given at the Doctor's office as well as 
Journal the Journey.

Lidded Jar Candle
Lighting a candle in honor and remembrance of 
their Sweet Angel. If a hospital stay is required it can be lit to 
fill the room with a warm scent.

Flower Pin
I will be providing a handmade (by me) pin. They will each be unique as each situation is very unique.
And, let's face can't be sad when you are wearing
a bright colored flower on your shirt!
I hope they will put a little smile on the their face as they wear it.

Necklace With Verse
Wearing little Billboards around our necks can be a tangible reminder that our baby mattered. It is also a conversation starter that allows Grieving Moms to share about their sweet Angel. A beautiful way to tell their story.

Love Letters
I am so honored that I have been contacted by others who have traveled this heartbreaking journey and want to share encouragement from their grief to healing. 
Each package will include a letter, handwritten, from women who have been there and can inspire healing.

A brochure containing links to support groups in the area.
It will also have information on Sweet Birdie Blessings that can help women connect with each other for support.
I anticipate this list will change some as the program gets established due to connecting with successful support.

All these items will be included in a brown handled paper bag with turquoise and pink tissue paper and tied with white satin ribbon.  The bags will be stamped with a bird's nest.
A set of packed bags will be placed in a clear container and will be distributed to Doctor's offices, surgical center, hospitals or churches.
If there is somewhere you think the bags should be provided, please contact me as I am open to connections!

I am NOT prepared to take money at this time.
I would love if you would shop from the Etsy store I set up as all profits go towards purchasing these items.
If you wish to donate items, I am open to taking them!
Anything helps! 
Just spreading the word is important!

(Visit Rise Above Life on Etsy for the above personalized print.
She also has a wonderful and encouraging Blog

I know this is lengthy and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read about my little mission.
To stay updated, like my page on Facebook:

Many Blessings to each of you!
I humbly thank you for your encouragement!
God is Good!

Such Fun!!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Intentional and Fearless in 2014

Happy New Year!

I came across this card on Pinterest!( New Year's Card Link ) 
It explains my EVERY attempt at a "Fresh Start".
I seem to stumble a few times before I follow through.
Is that just me???

Well, just like every other year....
This year is going to be different!
What...You too??

OK, here are some things I am going to 
to do in the New Year but with

1. I will be INTENTIONAL in maintaining a Daily Quiet time. I plan to utilize the Peaks, Pits, Praises & Prayer that I found on Pinterest and Blogged about (follow the above link).

2. I will be INTENTIONAL in completing 26 Projects in 52 Weeks and I will Blog about each one as I transform our little cottage into the home we always desired! I have FINALLY committed to a decorating style! Amazing!

3.  I will be INTENTIONAL in taking the steps needed to care for myself as a whole. This sounds weird as I reread it, but I'm 40 now.....
Time to take care of my body, mind, soul and spirit. As I come across ideas/products that work for me I will share along the way.

4.  I will be INTENTIONAL with my Family!  This is the most important, and sometimes the hardest.  As moms we always have multiple things going at once. Well, I need to take the time to play games and create with my kids.  I need to take time to strengthen my marriage with my husband...having Date Nights for example.

For Business, I like the word FEARLESS.
I am very intimidated when it come to business and I have been learning a lot over the last few years, but I want to offer more and stop being afraid of "NO!". So, here are just 3 things I hope to pursue.

1.  I will continue to build on the Sweet Birdie Blessings project of supply Baby Loss Comfort Packages to Doctor's offices in the area.

2.  I will be FEARLESS when it comes to new opportunities and ideas.

3.  I will treat what I do as a business and NOT a hobby!  This is a biggie...I will never grow if I don't treat it like a business!

So, here's to an

It's going to be a Joyous Journey!

Such Fun!