Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grateful for Meeting a Special Person

Something Unexpected In This Journey

When I receive an order on Etsy, I contact the buyer right away to thank them for their order and to share with them what their purchase allows me to make happen.  It's a sale with a purpose!

I was so touched by Kara's instant response and her incredible journey that I begged asked her if I could share on my Blog.  I am so grateful for her heart and I am happy to introduce her to you!

Kara Neidig's first comments to me went like this...

"My husband and I have an 18m old son now and have suffered 2 miscarriages. We are currently expecting our second son May 1st and He only has the left side of his heart. He will need three major heart surgeries in order to survive. We aren't for sure what the future holds for us and out baby."

"His name is Landon. If people would like to pray for him I would be so grateful. I would love to keep you posted. My husband and I know either way what happens God has already had planned and if he survives all this or if he goes to meet God its going to be a plan that is greater than we could even imagine. Thanks for caring. The prayers and words of even a kind stranger go very far and really touch me. "

"Attached is the best sonogram picture I have of Landon so far. Our little fighter."

Oh my goodness , how could I not be touched by her!  My heart aches for the challenges ahead, but so inspired by their Faith and Confidence in the Lord.  I am thankful I can pray for this family!

I asked what I could in her words, a little about them and their sweet Baby Landon.

I am a stay-at-home-mother. My husband has a good job as a lineman. Since we have to travel 5 hours away from home and stay for up to 3-4months my husband will have to miss out on most everything because he will have to work. We cannot afford for him not to. Some of our friends have set up a fund for us to try and help out. We are using the money for Landons medical expenses as well as getting my husband up there with me for as long as we can afford. I hope he can stay for awhile. Landon has to have a surgery a week after he is born and if he doesnt make it I would have wanted my husband to have precious time with him before hand. Here is a link to our page on giveforward.

There is updated information on the page and I try to keep up on it after appointments. There are also so pictures on there and I will continue adding more as I get some good photos of little Landon. 

He is a very active baby. We have had about 15 doctors all look at his heart via untrasound at different times. Landon has squirmed and kicked and punched the little device they run along my belly the entire time. All the doctors have joked about what an onery little boy he is. I think, hope, and pray that he is a fighter!!

Thanks so much!!! It touches me that people can care so much that I have just met. Landon has brought so many new beautiful people into our lives already. Healed some family issues. Brought our local community together. Even if God wants Landon to join him earlier than we hope...he is already a little miracle. 


Mark 11:24
Y'all...the LORD is AMAZING! Strangers praying for Strangers...Only HE could have coordinated something like this....He knows what we need and meets us there.

 I hope you will hold this family in your prayers as their Journey has been long to this point and even longer going forward. 

Thank you for reading Kara's story and I hope you will follow Landon and his much anticipated arrival.

Many Blessings,


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

March 18th....
{Just a Day}

I had so much trouble unwinding and going to sleep last night. 
This day was heavy on my mind, as it is each year....

This is an Anniversary date for me of my second loss.
It's been 7 still hurts...I can still cry for my baby....I named him Angel (We do not know if he was boy or girl, I just feel he was a boy)...he left a huge imprint on my heart...I can't wait to hug him in Heaven.

I am so encouraged to wake this morning with a song of Praise already on my heart
{It's been on repeat all morning}

Chris Tomlin's song "God of This City"

There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

Greater things have yet to come
Greater things are still to be done here

Yes, it does get easier, but the emotion is still raw. It's almost surprising that even after all this time I can still feel the ache in my my my arms.

I do not understand "Why", but the journey has been amazing. Something I never thought I could say. 
Only God can make a tragedy work to His Glory!
My relationship with him is so intimate and personal and I do not believe I would be where I am in my Walk had I not experienced the years of trials and grief.
Just like the song says....

You're the light in the darkness
You're the hope in the hopeless
You're the peace in the restless

 So thankful!! 
He was my Light, my Hope, my Peace...

I am grateful for my sweet baby.  He helped mold me into the person I am today.  
This journey has brought me to my knees, face in the floor!
I know all my Heavenly Baby's Dates will be difficult, but I pray I honor them daily and that
their memory will live on through me.

I miss you sweet Baby....

Please take a moment and listen to this song.
I promise it will bless you!

Many Blessings,
Sweet Birdie Blessings
Embracing One Mom at a Time